Everyday Uses For Healing Crystals

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Crystals and gemstones are to be used in combination with modern medicine; never use these in place of medical treatment. If you are sick or injured then you should see a doctor immediately. These products are used to help improve your energy and this has the potential to help in the healing process.

Science tends to discount anything that it cannot explain. Many people have been healed on faith alone. If this is possible then positive energy may help in healing as well. Some may even say that the same faith that healed a person was a form of this energy transferred from one person to another.

These may not work for each and every person. There may also be limitations as well as possible interference such as when the stone is surrounded by metal. This is one of the biggest reasons why these have been discounted by science; they simply do not have the same results each and every time or for each and every person who tries to use this type of therapy.

The general principle is that crystals and gemstones have an energy all their own. When you wear these, then that energy may be transferred to you. Your bodies energy may then be altered even if slightly. This can help to energize you and speed the healing process. This is much the same principle as food giving the body energy except that this is from an outside source.

There are many types of crystals and gemstones that can be used for this type of therapy. Some are of much higher quality and it is often believed that the better the quality of gemstone then the better the energy from that stone. There are many sites available which can help you determine what properties different stones may have and how to choose the best stones.

Only you can find out if healing crystals are right for you. There are reports of these helping to heal wounds, illness, and even in helping to break bad habits like smoking. See if this type of therapy is right for you today and you might be healthier tomorrow.

People have used crystals for healing for thousands of years. Healing crystals have not only been used for medical reasons throughout the ages, but for magic, protection, rituals and money. Today, many continue to use healing crystals to enhance their well being.

Types of healing crystals

Each type of healing crystal has a different set of unique properties. For example, clear quartz is said to improve your immune system. The properties of moonstone include improving the power of your intuition. Tiger’s eye can help calm your nerves and lift your self-confidence. If you are prone to nightmares, amethyst is known to offer help. Keep in mind that any metals that touch crystals, including silver, can reduce the crystals’ strength, if not making them completely ineffective.

Using healing crystals

In order for healing crystals to be most effective, the crystals should be cleaned, charged and programmed. You can clean your crystals in several different ways such as leaving them in the sun, putting them in salt water or burying them in the ground. Cleaning your crystals will remove any unwanted or unnecessary energy that the crystals built up through handling before you received them.

To charge your crystals and give them a boost, leave them outside under the light of a full moon all night. If you just enjoy your crystals and do not have a particular purpose in mind for them, you do not need to program your stones. However, if you want to use your crystals for a specific purpose, you might sit, hold your crystals and envision what you would like from them. This is the simplest way to program crystals.

You might think that holding a crystal or wearing a crystal is the only ways that crystals can be used. This is not the case. Crystals can be kept under pillows or put in your tub when you are taking a bath. Crystals kept at workspaces can add positive energy to your day as well as counteract the electrical effects of electrical necessities, such as computers and artificial lighting. You can use gem water, which you can make by leaving a crystal in spring water for ten hours, by pouring it in your bath tub, spritzing it on your body or drinking it.


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